November Issue coming this week!

Be watching for the November issue of Validity Magazine this week in the Middle Tennessee region.  Things you will find this month:

Cool Rides! Photos by Becky Jane Newbold

Because we are avid riders, shiny chrome always seems to catch our attention.  Take a look at the motorcycles we found in the area.  Ah, so many bikes, so little time. If we missed you, send us your photo!

What’s Happening

Check out some of the great things we found to do in the area!

Ornithology Report by Bill Pulliam

Little brown birds flock to this region of the United States during the winter months.  Learn more about identifying these frequent feeder visitors.

What to do now in the garden by Cassandra Warner

Winter is just around the corner and there are chores to be done in the garden.  And surprisingly, a plant or two to tend…

And the winners are…

With the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout planned for November 17, local 5th graders expressed their messages about cigarette smoking and your health.  See who won this annual contest!

Downtown Revitalization:  Columbia by Dustin Shanes & Kasey Talbot

Small towns across America are tightening their belts and working toward revitalization.  In Maury County, shops around the square have come to life.  Read how they did it.

Capital Punishment & Abortion by Landis Turner

Hot button topics–oh boy! Read what decades of experience with the law have taught this attorney.

Business or Hobby-Does the IRS care? By Sam Davis

So your hobby is making a little cash on the side.  Sounds great!  But how  do you know when your hobby has suddenly become a business, at least in the eyes of Uncle Sam?  Read this!

Hohenwald as a Transition Town by Becky Jane Newbold

What began in Ireland has reached the heart of Hohenwald.  Read the history of the local effort and what it means for citizens today.

Ask a Veteran:  How’s Your Health? By Becky Jane Newbold

If your loved one suffers from health issues after service in the military, you may not know where to turn.  But because Veteran Administration rules change frequently, compensation may be available.  Read symptoms to watch for so you know.

Considering an iPhone upgrade? By Justin Crawford

“Gotta get an iPhone, gotta get an iPhone…or DO you?”  Read Crawford’s analysis to see if the new features are all they are cracked up to be.

Facial Recognition Software & You by Cody Newbold

Cameras are snapping our pictures everyday and with Facebook tags, our image can be virtually everywhere.  She has read the research and tried the software.  Read what our writer found!


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Puzzles & More

Unto Him by Charles Newbold

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