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As Validity Magazine approaches its first year anniversary (October) we find ourselves in more and more locations along the Nashville’s Trace trail.  See a complete listing of where to find Validity.

Travel the Natchez Trace Wine Trail and discover vintage collections of Tennessee wines.  Meet the nice people at Natchez Hills Vineyard and welcome them as they open their doors during their grand opening this month.  Also in the August issue, read how the Nature Conservancy works to preserve Tennessee rivers.  In this issue, the Duck River.

Meet this month’s Salt of the Earth featured guests.  Local legends, these people exemplify the volunteer spirit and it is our pleasure to highlight the unsung heros of our communities, volunteers.  In August, meet Annette Peery and Barbara Hinson of Hohenwald, David Nash of Centerville, Phillip Tatum of Perry County, Leona Simons, Wanda Maggard and Mitchell Ray of Maury County, John Allen Berry of Wayne County and Milbry Green Mahan of Leiper’s Fork.

Find a county fair with our guide to local and regional fairs along the Nashville’s Trace trail.  In our regular features, read what to do this month in the garden, enhance your birdwatching with tips from our expert ornithologist and know how to purchase a new laptop with advice from our techie, Cody Crawford.

We hope you enjoy the last of the summer!  Let us know what you think of Validity with a comment or an email today.

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  1. If we were looking to move to Tennessee, I would seriously consider the south central area just from reading Validity Magazine. Another stellar edition. Thanks