Our favorite Granny White photo

Here it is, our favorite pic of Granny White guitarist Daphne Culver from the Restock concert last February in Hohenwald.  Go Girls!

Restock, 2012 in Hohenwald, Tennessee by Becky Jane Newbold, www.ValidityMag.com

About Becky Jane Newbold

Becky Jane Newbold thrives on new experiences and is always on the lookout for new stories to tell. Whether she is riding her motorcycle, photographing wildlife attracted to her garden, creating original works of art or enjoying home-cooked meals with her family, Becky Jane’s passion is staying current with fresh, innovative ideas. Raised in the newspaper industry, she is committed to truth in media. See more at https://validitymag.com


Our favorite Granny White photo — 2 Comments

  1. Hey girl! Its Daphne from the Granny Whites. I met you earlier this year. Lucinda told me you had my pic up as a fave on your page….and I just wanted to say thank you personally for taking the time and space out of your magazine and website to give us a shout out. That means alot to me and the Grannies as we are still trying to make a name for ourselves and get signed… Maybe next time we play in your area we can get together and make a fun peice for your mag! —or if not maybe we could just eat some food and have a glass of wine….either way, I’d love to see you again (before next Restock hopefully)—that is all, and have a blessed day!