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By Jo Neace Krause

By Jo Neace Krause

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By Jo Nease Krause

By Jo Neace Krause









“A Man From Tennesse Breaks My Heart” by Jo Neace Krause.  Appeared in Hickman County Times

A Man In Tennessee Breaks My Heart

He was part of the crowd of  rural men

Who came to the  country store to sit around

Outside, off the porch, the bare dirt was popsicle orange, the wind

lay in it, the wind and the sun and the dogs .


Sometimes tourists  came through  with cameras asking

if there were any red necks around

Wanting  to take some  pictures .

One of  the kids who swam in the creek,

jumped up and rode a mule

All the way  down the road screaming

Help Me, Ray Charles! Save me, Fox News!

While  the sheet flapping horses raced after him laughing.



Later the men  would get serious and talk about the river

How the giant turtles had disappeared years ago.

Nothing to feed on they said.

And how the big white belly cats living in deep river holes

would sling their heads sideways, you know like fish will do,

jerk a  man’s arm right out of his shoulder.


Mentioning this one time over the table about divorce ,

remembering when it was still a disgrace to get one.

Not like now. Didn’t  bother  them what  got thrown across the yard.

Only  this one man running his hand along the edge of the table said

I  honestly  miss women, let me tell you.

His hand straightened the edge of the oil cloth

 I  would  love to have a woman back in the house.

I don’t care what it costs.  Just to hear her  moving around, rattling things.

I miss  the sounds of women. You’ve got to know them to miss them.

And little babies. What I wouldn’t give , you know……

Just to hold a little  baby .


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