Chili in the Fork at Leiper’s Fork

As the fall breezes begin to cool beautiful middle Tennessee, Leiper’s Fork stokes the fire with the 13th Annual Chili in the Fork. On Saturday, October 19th, Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant of Leiper’s Fork, Country Boy Joe Wadell and crewRestaurant and Joe Natural’s Farm Store and Cafe´ will all be cooking chili on the grounds of the beautiful Lawn Chair Theatre, located directly behind Leiper’s Creek Gallery.  Along with the delicious bowls of goodness, the Lawn Chair Theatre stage will be rocking with the sounds of Loco Vibrato (gringo jazz and cowboy instrumentals), The Austin Brothers (progressive country blues) and Raven Cliff (country rock/bluegrass). This free event runs from noon to 4:00 p.m. So bring your lawn chair, your taste buds and your family and friends to celebrate Chili in the Fork.


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