June Validity is Here!

JuneCoverThe June Validity hit the shelves a couple weeks ago, and we are really excited about this month’s articles! Make sure you take time to pick up a mag and read all of them.

Read about Joel Lopez, who creates stunning Raku pottery.  Learn how to become a runner in June’s health article, Confessions of a Couch Potato.  Take a food vacation with Katie Hayes in Fruits of Summer.  Learn about Judge Henry, a Tennessee Supreme Court justice with a comedic edge.

This month’s Validity has all the usual awesomeness, plus much more! Bill Pulliam teaches us how to identify and categorize birds just by looking at their bills.  Cassandra Warner discusses June gardening techniques.  Tim Tigue tells the story of the evolution of a fisherman.

Let us know what you think of the June issue in the comments below.  Happy magging!

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Cody Newbold holds a Bachelor of Science in software engineering from Middle Tennessee State University and serves as Director of Digital Innovation for Validity Publishing.

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