Avalon Hospice Provides Grief Support to Local Communities

Lawrenceburg, TN – Avalon Hospice is introducing five new grief support groups, all open to the community and free of charge. Groups will serve the following five counties, which represent the territory for the Lawrenceburg office: Giles, Lawrence, Lewis, (Southern) Maury, Wayne. All groups are facilitated by a licensed social worker with training in grief and bereavement, but the groups are truly led by the participants. Jodie Gonzalez, Avalon Hospice social worker, states “It is amazing to watch the healing that can occur when people are supported by each other after a loss.” By sharing their stories, the bereaved help each other through what is often the most difficult time in their lives.

The loss of a loved one can cause physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes which are often unexpected and painful. Frequently, bereaved individuals try to avoid the pain by ignoring their feelings and avoiding reminders of their loved one. Others turn to alcohol or other substances to help numb the pain, which only prolongs the grieving process. By connecting with others who have similar experiences, group members are given a safe place to begin the process of healing.  This is one way that people can practice the self-care necessary to begin adjusting to life without their loved one, yet maintaining a connection to that person.

Monthly meetings are scheduled at the following locations and open to everyone:

Pleasantwood Apartments
902 Hidden Acres Avenue, Mt Pleasant
Thursday, October 16, 6:00-7:00pm

Mars Hill Baptist Church
630 Weakley Creek Road, Lawrenceburg
Thursday, October 23, noon-1:00pm

Giles County Senior Center
100 Senior Citizens Drive, Pulaski
Tuesday, October 28, 9:30-10:30am

Wayne County Nursing Home
104 JV Mangubat Drive, Waynesboro
Thursday, October 30, 6:00-7:00pm

Hohenwald Housing Authority
107 Allison Avenue, Hohenwald
Thursday, November 6, 6:00-7:00pm

The philosophy of Avalon Hospice includes an individualized course of treatment based on the patient’s wishes, the family’s needs and the complex array of medical, emotional and social issues which accompany a terminal diagnosis.  Avalon offers services which include access to a network of community resources specifically arranged to provide comfort, reduce anxiety and allow quality time to be spent with the loved one. Their mission is to honor life and offer compassion to individuals and their families when facing a life-limiting illness.

Contact Avalon Hospice
1407 North Locust Avenue, Suite 103
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464
Phone: (931) 244-6901

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