Pinterest Weddings… the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

jarsNothing makes a young twenty-something’s eye sparkle like the word “Pinterest!”

Pinterest is the greatest invention for girls, women and even some men, though the men may not admit it.  This is especially true for the lady who has recently accepted a marriage proposal from the man of her dreams.

But let’s be honest, ladies.  We all know that ten minutes after coming home from that first incredible date with said fella, we all rushed to the computer, clicked the saved Pinterest link and typed into the search window… wait for it… “rustic wedding ideas!”  I know it, you know it and until the beautiful “secret board” option, everyone following you knew it.   There’s just nothing like putting together the wedding of your dreams online, complete with pictures and Do-It-Yourself tutorials.

With Pinterest, you’ll find ideas and lessons on the perfect wedding dress for your body type, DIY flower arrangements and centerpieces, up-dos for the bride, up-dos for the bridesmaids, down-dos for the bride, the importance of choosing the right wedding photographer, best wedding gift for a groom from his bride and everything in between.   With so many ideas, it is impossible NOT to have the perfect wedding!  Pinterest holds the key to the greatest ideas for the picture-perfect wedding, the likes of which have never been seen!  Or does it?

While Pinterest does provide wonderful help on saving money and still having a gorgeous wedding, that “pin” leading to that article about putting together the perfect centerpiece has been pinned by four billion other people.  Okay, maybe four billion is a bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get my point.

This begs the question:  How do you use Pinterest for wedding planning but still have a unique, cost-efficient wedding?

The answer:  Make every idea your own!

The pin showing you the sweet, elegant way to ask your nearest and dearest to be bridesmaids has been used over and over, however, it might not have been put together using the wrapping paper you and your college roommate found at that weird store a million years ago.   The boxes you send may not have butterflies flying out when opened, but they can have pictures of the moments that show why you are choosing her to be your maid of honor.

The key is to take the “perfect idea” from Pinterest and make it perfect for you.

signDon’t take every idea from one pin.  Gather from different areas and combine ideas from different wedding themes.   There are no rules.  Mix and match until it’s exactly the right color scheme.

I’ve been to many weddings that all look the same.  They have the same decorations, they use the same signs and they even have the same food.  Not that I’m complaining – that spinach and artichoke dip is to die for!  The point is, it really doesn’t take much to mix it up and set your wedding apart.  By all means, use a large chalkboard to direct people to their seats, but find another way to word it and use a different font.   Be bold and do things your way!  It’s your party, you can cry if you want to…wait, that’s not what I meant.

Bottom line:  Make the wedding yours.

Don’t be afraid to dip into the creativity that flows through your veins and mold an idea around your unique personality and vision.

Last but not least, whatever it is you decide to do, whether it be to use different fabric, change the flavors or do a flash mob with your entire family and the wait staff instead of a traditional father-daughter dance, PRACTICE IT!  It is cool to use that super rad wedding-cake mold, but it is not cool to use a new, never before used or tasted recipe in that super rad mold without a run through prior to the big show.  Will that delicious lemon cake covered in butter cream fondant hold its shape, and are you actually able to accomplish those realistic finishing touches, or is it all going to come crashing down when it warms to room temperature after sitting in the refrigerator all night?

There is a fantastic search category on Pinterest dedicated to these wonderful moments of planning failures.   Simply search these two words:   Nailed It!

Whatever ideas you choose to utilize, do it proudly.  Remember this, that if it all crashes and burns, the relationship does not hinge on this ridiculously perfect wedding – it’s the marriage that matters.   Besides, most brides don’t even remember to eat at their wedding, much less what kind of food was served.  Just be sure to have good cake, you’ll at least get one bite of that.

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Cody Newbold holds a Bachelor of Science in software engineering from Middle Tennessee State University and serves as Director of Digital Innovation for Validity Publishing.

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