Validity Artist Interview: Matthew Fulkerson

FulkersonMatthew Fulkerson’s love for the arts began at an early age with reading. A book in hand was a defense and refuge from the affronts of childhood and adolescence. He began to sketch the scenes from the books he read, his imagination inspired by the fantasy and science fiction stories he loved.

As an adult, he discovered the complexities of various art forms, mediums and techniques while living next to an art college. Most of his neighbors in the apartment building were art students. Surrounded by artists and their projects, assignments and homework, he was immersed in the art world. Studying vicariously through his neighbors, Matthew began a love and study of the arts that has never diminished.

Matthew shares his love of art as an instructor for paint-a-longs and introducing others to the joy of painting. An award winning and accomplished artist, Matthew continues to study and explore the world of art.


“Dixie Folks Art Studio and Gallery is a small local gallery, a retailer of art supplies and a working and active studio where almost daily I get to share my love of art and lead and teach folks,” Fulkerson explained.  “Painting parties are fun and not meant to be instructional.   I even sometimes say it is a lot like paint by number only I am the number.” Painting2

Future plans for the gallery include featuring artists from all over the south for one night or weekend shows, fine art focused events in the studio and an expansion into crafting.

Fulkerson’s art will be featured this month at the Brentwood Library and Fine Arts Center, 8109 Concord Road, Brentwood, Tennessee.

For more information, contact the Dixie Folks Art Studio and Gallery, 115 North 1st Street, Pulaski, Tennessee, 931-292-6529.

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