FOP Fishing Tournament

Fraternal Order of Police, Alan Ragsdale Chapter of Hohenwald held their 3rd Annual Fishing Tournament at Perryville Marina Saturday April 25, 2015.  Below are a few of the highlights of the days events.

Funds raised during this annual event benefit the chapter’s Cops and Kids program, which allows local law enforcement the opportunity to shop with children to purchase gifts at Christmas.  Police officers report most of the children exhibit high levels of generosity, spending the majority of the money they receive purchasing gifts for someone else.

Results of the tournament Saturday as reported by members of the FOP follow.
1st Clint and Randy Ross 25.26lbs
2nd Colby Flinn & Colton Hinson 22.91lbs
3rd Patrick Allen & Chris Hughes 17.15lbs
4th Steve Clenney & Micah Cruse 17lbs
5th Dustin Carroll & Dennis Johnson 16.71lbs
6th Chopper Carroll & Charlie Brewer 16.26lbs
7th Gary Bennett & Carla Harris 15.93
8th Jerome Hinson & Charles Cross 15.58
9th Chad Ashmore & Stony Anthony 15.43
10th Mike Prince & Keith Allen 15.23
11th Bryan True & Keith Himes 14.98
12th Rodney Rayburn & John Gibson 14.85
13th Eric Chappell 14.83
14th Shane Lott & Tim Young 14.61
15th Buddy Mckennon & Alan Lovett 13.89
Big Fish of the tournament:
Shane Lott & Tim Young 8.42lbs
2nd Big Fish of the tournament:
Clint Ross & Randy Ross 8.34lbs

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