Appropriate or not, it seems to be an excellent point in time to give my opinion on the term “heritage” currently being utilized to defend the right to display and honor the confederate flag.  I understand that it is offensive to many for obvious reasons.  And from my point of view, to wave it because one believes it is his or her “heritage” is ridiculous.

However, if one adopts the confederate flag as a symbol to define who he or she is, who cares?  It is a free country for the most part.  No difference exists between waving that flag than holding high a Bible, swastika, voodoo doll, a pro/con abortion sign, American flag, etc.  If it defines who you are, then knock yourself out.  Also it should be noted, even the Bible, precious to many, is offensive to some.

But heritage?  How many of us really know from where we came?

One woman is defending the confederate flag as her southern heritage. She was adopted early in her life by white parents.  Her biological father is Hispanic from Mexico (legal/illegal?) and she has no clue of the lineage of her white mother, whose extended family presumably live in Illinois.  Southern heritage?  Maybe, maybe not.

Men of all races have been raping women of all races since the dawn of creation.  We are mixed to be sure.  Some of us are just paler than others.

Science is proclaiming that even Neanderthal DNA shows up in remains of early, modern man.

My father and I discovered that we probably are descended from a long line of sheep stealers in England.  I admit, I was disappointed.  We both thought our true heritage was horse stealing, certainly a more noble profession.

When I get my summer tan, I am significantly darker than many “black” people.  I hate that term any way, we are all just people.

Jesus wasn’t white or black.  He was somewhere in between.


The Civil War is a horrible reminder of what humans do to each other.  Both sides senselessly brutalized the other.  No matter the color of one’s skin, people were killing people.

So, pick up the flag of your choice and wave it proudly.  Remember, however, the things you do define you.  And you have liberty to offend others, just as they have liberty to offend you.

Also keep in my mind that “All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable.  All things are lawful, but not all things edify.”  1 Corinthians 10:23.

You will sell your soul to someone or something.  Choose carefully to whom or what you sell it.

I avoid secular attachment.  Born naked and destined to pass from this earth, please do not attach any symbols to my legacy or my corpse.  My heritage, I pray, is eternal life free of pain and wretchedness.  We have enough of that on earth.

About Shane Newbold

Father to four and best friend to Becky Jane for 26 years, Shane Newbold lives life to the fullest birdwatching, fishing, boating and enjoying his family.

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