4 Easy Beauty Trends to Try Now

Now that April has arrived, bringing with it the promise of warmer days and beautiful blooms, it’s time to take inspiration from nature and liven up our beauty routines.This spring and summer’s makeup trends are a perfect and easy way to change or update your look because there’s an option for everyone!

1. “I Woke Up Like This”
You can put away your conturing brushes because the natural look was a big hit on runways for spring. After years of new techniques for highlighting constantly popping up, this season you don’t have to worry that you’re going to end up looking less Kardashian than clown.

The key to this trend is having (or faking) flawless skin since you aren’t making a statement by accentuating any other facial feature. A quick application of a light, hydrating foundation and some sheer blush is perfect for casual days. This “no-makeup” makeup style is also a great starting point for the next two fads.

2. Loud Mouths
Colorful lips in shades of red, pink, and even orange were seen at fashion week. Vibrant fuchsia was especially popular as it works wonderfully with many different skin tones. Typically, if your skin has a cool undertone you’ll want to stick to blue-based hues, while warmer-toned individuals should look for red or brown-based ones.

A polished, glowing face is the first step to achieving this look. After that apply a coat or two of mascara for subtly defined lashes. Then slick on your lip color of choice. Luckily, there was no consensus as to what finish was best, so you’re free to switch it up: matte on Monday, glossy on Tuesday; whatever you decide, you’re then ready to go!

3. Ol’ Blue Eyes

We’re not talking Sinatra, but put a record on if you’d like; this trend is more aquatic and mermaid inspired. Varying intensities of blue eyeshadow appeared at several designers’ shows; ranging from just the sheerest wash of pastel blue over the eyelid to graphic cobalt shapes drawn on with gel eyeliner.

Start off with the same clean no-makeup look that’s popular for these upcoming months. If you’re looking for a romantic 70s type of effect, try a shimmering teal eyeshadow with a small amount of navy eyeliner and a layer of volume-adding mascara. If you’re intending to have a style that seems more modern or punk, experiment with applying bold blue eyeliner in geometric shapes.

4. Heavy Metallics
After all the gray days of winter, nothing brightens up your look like glittery eye makeup or nail polish. These metallics lend excitement and personality to whatever outfit you’re wearing without making too much of a statement, so they’re appropriate for more occasions than a sparkly top would be.

Gold-flecked shadows work especially well on green or brown-eyed girls, while silver can really make blue eyes pop. If you go the nail polish route, be sure to layer the polish over a base coat, as glittery polish can be a hassle to remove, especially off of bare nails. A top coat will keep your nails from feeling rough to the touch – or worse – getting snagged on things.

The beginning of the spring season always provides an opportunity for realizing that sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to make a familiar view seem brand new, whether it’s in your yard or in the mirror.

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