From the Publisher: Good Measure

My mother is aging and I have become her primary caregiver.  Bathing, preparing meals, laundry and exercise are among things with which she needs assistance.  Sometimes I would rather be somewhere else doing most anything else.  But mostly, I am grateful to be able to help.  I love my mom and am proud of her.  She is strong, amiable and smart.

And that’s how we all make it in this life, with help from each other, right?

Within the pages of this publication are the results of a united effort.  We are humbled at the amazing outpouring of talent with which we are blessed each month.

Take Bill Pulliam for instance (Ornithology Report).  Bill has a really cool knack for understanding what birders and non-birders know about our avian friends.  He is intelligent and witty.  We appreciate you, Bill.  Cassandra Warner (What To Do In The Garden) is also a faithful and gifted friend.  Her passion for life and gardening provide a wealth of knowledge (and sometimes yummy recipes!).  Thank you, Cassandra.  Both Bill and Cassandra have been Validity contributors since our humble beginnings in 2011.

We are missing another original contributor, Landis Turner (Ask An Attorney), who has taken a couple of months away from his writing.  Hurry back, Landis!

This month we welcome Cari Marye Griffith’s assistance with a new recipe, Dan Algara’s return with his expressive writing, Antonia Meador’s passion for local farming and food, Nancy Brewer with a bit of history, our new friend from out west, Shan Hemphill, and Sissy Garner’s help with a story of community.

Some of you may notice a few extra Newbold names this month:  Nikki shared her photography talent (Springtime Cocktails) and Luke his creativity (Cord Martin).  Awesome!  My father-in-law, Charles, and wonderful daughter, Cody, have also been faithful believers in our mission from the beginning.  Thank you Charles and Cody.  Your gifts make Validity complete.  It goes without saying my husband and best friend, Shane, is my rock.  I am grateful.

And there are so many more.

Thanks to you all. In all things may we serve and be blessed.

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:8

About Becky Jane Newbold

Becky Jane Newbold thrives on new experiences and is always on the lookout for new stories to tell. Whether she is riding her motorcycle, photographing wildlife attracted to her garden, creating original works of art or enjoying home-cooked meals with her family, Becky Jane’s passion is staying current with fresh, innovative ideas. Raised in the newspaper industry, she is committed to truth in media. See more at

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