Who’s Magging?

Magging! with the fam! Carol of Bear Creek, NC with her grandson. www.validitymag.com

Magging! at Truelove’s Pizza and Grits, Columbia, Tennessee. Validitymag.com
Magging! at Validitymag.com

James Hawelu Magging! at Wild Duck Soup Emporium, Centerville.

Brady and Manny, Magging! at Music City Pickers with Validitymag.com Publisher Becky Jane Newbold

Manuel Magging! in his Nashville studio.

Mary Cate Magging! at Wild Duck Soup Emporium, Centerville.

Magging! at Wild Duck Soup Emporium, Centerville Public Square

Miller’s Concrete!  That’s Who’s Magging!

Who’s Magging! at Validitymag.com

Bridget from Whit’s End Ranch magging at the Wayne County Courthouse while waiting for the Chamber meeting!

Who’s Magging! at Validitymag.com

Jodie Lautz picking up baby chicks at courthouse for 4H program took a look and liked new Validity magazine. She picked up and extra copy to share!

Who’s Magging! at Validitymag.com

Magging at Nicky’s Italian Grill in Columbia!  Yummy!

Magging at Nicky’s Italian Grill, Nashville Hwy., Columbia

Magging at Dusty Diamonds in Waynesboro!

Magging at Dusty Diamonds, 532 South Main, Waynesboro, Tennessee 931-332-6300

Look who’s magging now!

Don Burgdorf would not think of working in his carving shop without Validity magazine close by. Where do YOU mag?


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