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  1. I don’t know if anyone is going to print about Carol Buckley going to India, I would like to read about her journey from the home town, Hohenwald. There is so much to learn about her travels that many here in Hohenwald would like to read about, without feeling like they are taking sides on the lawsuit. The Scientific American printed an interview with her, but who of us here can even get it to read.
    She will be leaving Hohenwald, Tuesday the 17 th.

    Thank you, Carol Coleman

  2. I’ve always been interested in box turtles; ever since I was a little girl I was always on the look out. I remember finding them on the sides of my childhood road and I would bring them to my mom. She would panic. She thought their little heads looked like snake heads. I would put them in my parent’s garden, because they made me; I wanted one as pet. My dad would lecture me on how they weren’t meant to be domesticated. I got my first car when I was 16, and I always made sure I moved them into the woods. One day I was on my Tennessee back road taking a walk and I stumbled across a little box turtle and I couldn’t resist; I brought him home. I just had to. This little guy was adorable. One of the more social turtles I’ve encountered. Every where I went and sat down he would bebop under my legs. He even smiled in pictures. I called him Jimmy. I kept him for few days and took him back basically at the same place I found him. I frequently take walks down the road and find more turtles. I remember when I didn’t realize the patterns on their shells were similar and got so excited because I thought I found little Jimmy, but this turtle was a butt. Come to think of it, Jimmy may have been a girl. I realized after reading this. lol

  3. If we were looking to move to Tennessee, I would seriously consider the south central area just from reading Validity Magazine. Another stellar edition. Thanks

  4. Hey girl! Its Daphne from the Granny Whites. I met you earlier this year. Lucinda told me you had my pic up as a fave on your page….and I just wanted to say thank you personally for taking the time and space out of your magazine and website to give us a shout out. That means alot to me and the Grannies as we are still trying to make a name for ourselves and get signed… Maybe next time we play in your area we can get together and make a fun peice for your mag! —or if not maybe we could just eat some food and have a glass of wine….either way, I’d love to see you again (before next Restock hopefully)—that is all, and have a blessed day!

  5. Congratulations on completing your first year! Becky, Validity is the best community magazine I have had the pleasure of reading. I truly look forward to each informative and fun edition. You manage to link so many small communities together to feel like one solid chain. Keep up the good work!

  6. I began getting my hair cut by Jimmy in the early 60’s and still get it cut there today. I’ve been to a “beauty salon” twice when Jimmy was ailing but I always returned. I got my son’s hair cut there until he became a teenager in the early 90’s and could make his own decisions. This was an excellent article! You captured the real Jimmy and the shop.

    • Thanks for adding to the story! So cool to find an authentic slice of small town America intact. Thank you Jimmy Reece and photojournalist Anthony Scarlati!

  7. My husband and his friends all got a hair cut from Jimmy in the ’60’s. As time passed and the world changed, a longer hair style became the “it thing”, my husband would still go to Jimmy’s. One time while we were attending visitation at Mc Donald’s Funeral Home, my husband left to go Jimmy’s. When he returned his hair was very very short. I said “A little short isn’t it?” My husband had a big grin on his face and said ” Always get your money’s worth at Jimmy Reece’s”. Great guy!!

  8. Thanks for the article about Jimmy and the Barber Shop. He is my husband and loves being the barber in our small town. He will be 80 years old on July 31st and has been a barber in Centerville almost 50 years. He has made many friends through the years and appreciates every one that has come thru the old worn out door.
    Ruth Reece

  9. Dear Connie:

    I read every word of your journey sweet friend. God bless you for what you have gone through. We don’t always know why he chooses us to go through whatever he has planned but that it is his plan for our good. Know that I am so happy for you and your family.

    You live in one of my favorite places. My middle son and his family and my brother, aunts and uncles and cousins live near Crossville, TN. I will keep you in my prayers. I’ve missed you on Facebook!!! Please keep in touch.

    Elaine Meyers Payne Hill

  10. Excellent article!! So true about Papa (our name for a wonderful grandfather)Love you, Justin and Cody. Merry Christmas!

  11. Hello,
    Are you going to post the November 2013 issue in your Archives?
    There was an article in the November issue I wanted to share with some of my friends.
    I wanted to send them the link to the November issue.


  12. Wonderful talented family that is full of good humor and heart ~ great voices, high energy and those smiles! The Redhead Express rolls down the track singing about love, of family, of country and community. You will love to see the Redhead Express coming in and stand at the station waving goodbye hating to see them go.
    Woo Hoo we love the Redhead Express!

  13. I first heard the Walker Family at a free concert at the resort I was staying at in the Rio Grande Valley three years ago. They all were very good but the Redheads blew me away!I knew then that these girls were going places and became their biggest fan. Over the past three years I have watched them bloom to be the great talent they are and cant wait for their album to be released. I am patiently waiting for their return to the Valley soon.

  14. Love the Redhead Express! Great article on the ladies! Thank you for highlighting them in your magazine.

  15. It is such an honor to know all of these folks and really consider them as family. We’ve watched so much of what was written about above happen. All of them are so devoted to each other, God and their musical work. They are the greatest and we wish them a very successful future. Who knows where all it will take them.

  16. I have come to know and love the Redhead Express on a personal basis.They stay with me whenever they are in our area which is usually 3 times a year.They have stayed anywhere from 2 days to a week in my home.They have so much respect and love for each other they are each others biggest fans. I have seen them do free shows at schools, hospitals and nursing homes .They love what they do and that is what makes them so great! They are a Christian family with very strong beliefs I have witnessed their daily devotions even to the youngest child.They have my love and respect

  17. We are so proud to call the Walker family our friends. They are as sweet as they are talented. You are all amazing for many reasons but especially your ability to adapt and grow, musically and as a family.

  18. We have known the Walker family since their beginnings in Branson, Missouri. They walked into a ticket office and began playing music and singing. They were all too happy to talk to us and that began a great friendship. We too have the honor of hosting the family as they pass through town and we feel blessed to known such amazing, talented, sweet and loving folks. We hope that you may continue to perform in your own unique way, bringing love, kindness and happiness to all that have the good fortune to hear you. Travel safely!

  19. Kerry Gilbert is one of the finest gentlemen I have ever known. I have known Kerry for many years, his loving, caring ways are the man he truly is, there is no pretense when you are with Kerry, he is truly Loved by so many, and it comes from the heart. We Love you Kerry, and wish only the best for a true friend. With Love, Tammy & Johnny McDonald

  20. Kerry Gilbert is a shining template for how all men should be. He is as good as it gets. There been a lot of sincere prayers sent up for him and God heard us. I’m looking forward to writing more songs with him in Nashville.

  21. Thank you for coming to Monroe, MI to share your story with our Relay for Life group. Your story is a testament of your faith, your strength, and your humor. I believe you need all three to make it through tough times.

    I had never heard of the Hope Lodge. So glad to know of another great thing that our Relay fundraising helps with!

    God bless you for sharing your story to encourage & inspire others.


  22. Hello!
    I was hoping to get Mr. Pulliam’s help identifying a few birds I’ve seen on my property near Hohenwald. I have photos that I can send along with details of the sightings. Please let me know if this is possible.

  23. Agreed! I love Validity Magazine in print! I fear that if it were online only, I would skip over it as I do with any article online. Do not like reading from a screen.

  24. What a GREAT article! I am a long-time fan of the artwork of The Great Toyzini, and I would encourage anyone who can to see his exhibits! They are thought provoking and well worth the time.

  25. Good article. The RSS reader I use is a app called NetNewsWire, it’s made by a company called Black Pixel. The interface is simple: on the left there’s a list of blogs. On the right there’s a frame at the top with the articles for the selected blog, and below there is another frame that shows the text of the selected article. It gets the job done. Anyway, Validity is about to be in my RSS feed, which means that anything you put up will eventually be read.

    • Thanks for the reply, Peter! I’ll have to check out NetNewsWire sometime!

      And thanks for adding Validity to your feed 🙂

  26. What’s next is we need to look at how the ACA is treating the self-employed…many fall through the cracks or actually see their premiums rise under the ACA.

  27. Alyson is an amazing person both inside and out. Everyone who has ever heard her music loves it. She has fans all over the country & we hope to see her headlining her own big shows and maybe on TV very soon!

  28. I am one who remembers very well the day The Hawthorn Elephants arrived and the joy leading up to it. There are many of us, all over the world, whose hearts were beating faster. They came two by two over a four (?) day period. Then when they got there, waching them try to figure out how to be free. Billie came last and it was just overhwelming to her. Good write up.

    • As a news reporter, I was able to witness every single Hawthorne elephant exit the trailer. It was stunning to watch. Thanks so much to supporters all over the world who helped make it possible. And thanks to the excellent staff of The Elephant Sanctuary for their commitment. Carol Bradley’s book was hard to put down!

  29. Becky-
    Thank you so much for the kind article. We’ve been so fortunate to meet and work with so many great people on this crazy journey. Your kindness is much appreciated. We are proud to be featured in the “American Music Triangle” article for October 2014 and we will send Validity magazine all over the country.
    Thanks again,
    Denny, Daniel, and Jim
    Amber’s Drive

    • The pleasure is ours Denny, Daniel and Jim. We are honored to have had the opportunity to meet you and share your story. Loving your new cd, Jump Off This World! Keep up the great music! –Becky Jane

  30. What a tremendous response there has been to my October ad with Validity! I may have to hire a night shift to make more product!!!
    Facebook for Becky’s Fried Pies and Royal Flush Shooting Preserve (featured article) has gained an average of 7 likes per day since 1 October. Thanks so much!!!

  31. Readers pay attention to Validity! I never realized how wide-spread the publication is until folks from everywhere comment on my being the October cover…an unexpected honor from the editor. I am so grateful for the awareness it brought to the Preserve and to my bakery business. In gratitude, BECKY

    • We were not aware of how many people love your pies (somehow we thought they were exclusively ours…) ha! Thanks Becky for the opportunity to meet see Royal Flush. We look forward to visiting your new bakery. –Becky Jane

  32. Shane it was a pleasure meeting you and Becky. I enjoyed guiding you on your pheasant hunt that afternoon. Hope to see the two of you again at the Flush!!

  33. Dear Connie,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It was beautifully written. I thank God that you are a Christian and that you know who holds you in His arms of love. You are as beautiful as ever. God Bless and keep you.

    Love and prayers,

    Joan McBrayer


  35. My Dad and met this talented and beautiful family at the Plant city, FL Strawberry Festival last year and listen to them often and hope to see them again. The Strawberries are planted! Please come back to Plant City!!!

  36. Hey Validity people! I just wanted to give you an update on this. Two things- one, Catharine’s first album (recorded and produced by CDB band member Shannon Wickline) is about to drop. It is available for pre-order on her website. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity, specifics of that will be forthcoming.

    Two, that website is (the URL for the site in the article is no longer active), so please go to for more information about Catharine and her music.

    • Hi Peter! Thanks for the update and congrats to Catharine! I will update the link in the article as well.

  37. Collierville is a certified Main Street community and we are located in the Southwest corner of the state of Tennessee. Collierville is a suburb of Memphis and we are very excited about this music opportunity!

  38. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, Counselor. I will look forward to your posts. Your wisdom has made me realize that my best days are yet to come. I thank you.

  39. I live in Bon Aqua, work in Centerville. I have never seen your magazine before and found your magazine in The Homestead Restaurant. I LOVE your paper. My grandchildren are always going on road trips within a 24 hour period. There are so many wonderful places to visit we will have road trips into next summer. Thank you. Are there other places you leave your magazine? dian miller

    • Hi Dian — Thanks for reading Validity. Yes! There are lots of places to find Validity! Check out the “Find Validity” tab on our website. We distribute in 10 Tennessee counties and 3 in Mississippi. You can also subscribe and it arrives in your mailbox every month. Hope you have happy road trips! Warm regards, Becky J. Newbold, Publisher

  40. Dear Connie,

    Thank you for sharing your life experience with cancer. Cancer has touched my life taking my loved ones too. It was great to read your story and even greater to see you still with us and looking so beautiful. I Praise God, for he is worthy to be Praised. I am blessed that I found you on fb and that I was able to read your story. Sending you hugs and prayers for continued good health. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  41. Wonderful article and very helpful to hear of positive elephant training.Many of my friends are fighting for elephants through out the world,regardless of their captivity level.So,even though I have a friend in India who informs me of the many meetings they have and the studies they do,it is not common knowledge to those who presume the worst.This will help many to see the other side,thank-you and to all 10 women who won,”You have my heart!”

  42. I’ve just met this group at the airport and they are such a wonderful family! My daughters and I are excited to follow their music!! Redheads are the best!

  43. What a wonderful family! We just met at the Nashville Airport! So excited to follow their music!

  44. Hey Kenny. Saw this and think it is awesome. You look great.

  45. Hey Billy. I’m broken down just outside of Atlanta and found you. Very nicely done. I’m getting one of my nephews (Kaiden 9 yrs old) interested in birding. He is very smart and enjoys the process of identification. I’ll keep you informed as to his progress. Going to start his life list the next time we go birding.

  46. I love the Elephant articles. I’ve trying to find the tree and plant trimming list on your website but can’t locate it. Could you please email it to me or indicate which tab I can locate it on?


  47. What are these large flocks of large white birds with black tipped wings that soar and swoop in choreographed turns — no flapping?
    We see these flocks over the Calif. desert
    Where there are lg. lakes on golf courses.
    With the death of Prof. Tarvyd, at SMC, turn to you for the answer,

  48. I stumbled onto your article of 50 common birds, part 5, and just loved it. Is there any way to acquire your previous articles? Or, better yet, have you written a book about birds? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love of birds.

  49. Daniel, I spent time with you on The Extreme Tour. I’m living in TN now and have been trying to find you, I don’t even know if this will work but I figured I had to try.